Have you and others a training need?

Whether you are a Macra Club or County/Region, a discussion group or a company in the wider industry with some employees in need of training, we can help.

Contact us to see if we can procure a training provider and organise the course delivery, with facilities etc for you, taking the administrative burden from you while part-funding the training. If a course needs to be tailored to your needs or developed from scratch, we would also be delighted to support this. Please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Please click here for the full guidelines for clubs, counties, regions & discussion groups.

Who can attend?

Anyone who feels their farm, employment or business can benefit from upskilling we provide. You do not have to be a Macra member. Current members of Macra (including patrons), the ASA, the IGFA and employees of our Associate member companies (listed on macra.ie/sponsors) avail of training at members rates.

For those who have never been a member of Macra previously, you will receive one year free membership including all member benefits and be eligible for members rates for training for the rest of that year. If you fall within the active member age group of 17-40 you will also be eligible for personal accident insurance. This is payable at €35 per non-member ticket. 

How much do courses cost?

Some courses have a cost to participants and some courses are provided free of charge. The cost of some courses is further subsidised by sponsors or partners, to whom we are extremely grateful. Costs of training are calculated on the average expected group size after the application of Skillnet Funding.

Am I eligible to participate?

*Full time students are ineligible for Skillnet funded courses. Those working in agriculture (farming or any other agri based industry or business) on a part-time or seasonal basis are eligible. 

Is there an age restriction on participating?

Trainees must be age 17 years or older. There is no upper age limit.

How do I become a training provider?

Please talk to us about the type of training you provide and we can inform you around our training planning and provider recruitment processes.

Macra Agricultural Skillnet follows public procurement guidelines from Skillnet Ireland.

How do I cancel my place on a course?

All requests for cancellations and/or transfers of course fees must be received by email to skillnet@macra.ie.  

For more information on our Payments and Cancellation Policy please click here 


For more information on the Skillnet Ireland Trainee Privacy Statement please here.