Skillnet Ireland Trainee Privacy Statement

This form is used by Skillnet Ireland and Macra Agricultural Skillnet to collect participant profile information at events partially or fully funded by Skillnet Ireland from the National Training Fund through the Department of Education and Skills. Skillnet Ireland and the Learning Network will comply with all applicable Data Protection Legislation in the processing of the information and personal data provided by you in this form and the Reaction to Learning Form.

Your data will be processed in line with the Skillnet Ireland Trainee Privacy Statement which you can access on the Skillnet Ireland website: and that of Macra na Feirme, which you can access at

Skillnet Ireland Ltd. periodically conducts surveys to evaluate the quality and impact of the programmes delivered by its training networks. As a result, you may be contacted in future and asked to participate in such a survey. Where necessary for certification or course work we mashare your contact details with a training provider or the network may contact you regarding this or other courses, in which you may have a legitimate interest.