Agricultural Sector Soft Skills Training for Farm Succession.

Agricultural Sector Soft Skills Training for Farm Succession.

Agricultural sector soft skills training, presented by Clare O’Keeffe, Nuffield Scholar, Certified Farm Transition Coordinator and Mediator and Enda Geoghan, Teagasc Advisor and qualified Mediator at  the Gleneagle Hotel, Killarney on 18th and 19th April. 

Training content: This programme is an advanced agricultural mediation skills programme simplified in a step-by-step process. The programme is specifically targeted to front line ag. professionals and agricultural consultants focusing on the economic, social and environmental impact within succession planning conversations in the agricultural sector.

Participants will build on existing skills and develop their facilitative capabilities in a highly interactive learning environment. 

Aims and Objectives 

  • Normalising succession and challenging conversations using mediation skills.
  • Creating awareness and understanding of the cognitive, emotional and physical challenges facing farmers and farm families.
  • Facilitate and hold the space when faced with emotionally challenging conversations.
  • Incorporate self-care and reflective practice strategies.

This programme will provide those who currently engage with farmers and agricultural asset owners with tools and strategies to address the complex issue of succession planning though a practical yet pragmatic approach.

The programme will allow the application of theory and practice to the ongoing activities aligned with succession conversations. Role play will be incorporated throughout the training.

Programme modules includes;

  • Understanding the journey to date - listening and paraphrasing skills.
  • Farmer, family and the farm business identity the intertwined complexities.
  • Generational differences. Values and beliefs.

The AEIOU model will be incorporated into this agricultural mediation training.

  • Addressing assumptions, Asset rich and cash poor. Aware of WATNA
  • Expectations, entitlements. Equal / fair. Environmental sustainability
  • Income, investing and identity
  • Opportunities and outcomes
  • United as a family

This training will:

Create an appetite and appreciation for communication skills within farming and the agri sector.

Develop a deeper understanding of complex conversations pertaining to the agricultural and rural communities.

Incorporate and sustain self-care and reflective practise.

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