Bovine Ultrasound Scanning

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The Scanning courses are delivered in four phases and run over 10 days and Phase 1 is scheduled concurrently with the AI programme. The course is for farmers who want to improve their understanding of gestation and reproduction and is also relevant for vets to progress in their CPD points. The course is delivered in three phases as follows: Foundation Palpitation, Applied Practical Scanning, Advanced Ultrasound Scanning and Applied Practical Scanning. Participants can do the programme in stages and as suits their needs, but there  is no obligation to do all three courses or to do them together.

Our Scanning courses are delivered in four phases and run over 14 days in total . You can find out more about the course phases here. 

Phase 1 is Foundation Palpitation Training  which is a four days course on handling cows, understanding CL's, follicles and ovaries.  Cost €490

Phase 2  is the theory of   Ultrasound Scanning and is a one day programme  and will  cover Ruminant and Camelid Reproductive Ultrasonography, the anatomy of the reproductive tract of the cow, bovine ovary and uterus etc  Cost €260

Phase 3 Applied Practical Ultrasound Scanning  is a three day course which develops  skills in visual learning with  the Ultra Scanner,  Cost €875

Phase 4  Advanced Ultrasound Scanning iss a new two-day theory-based course which will cover topics including, how to sex pregnancies, identifying twinning, identifying any pregnancy anomalies and how to date pregnancies. Cost €1125

All courses carry an extra surcharge of €35 for non-members of Macra na Feirme or our associate partners.

Participants on Scanning courses must have completed an AI course.

Dates are now scheduled until year-end, you can book your place here